All lightning arresters are designed to become more conductive when the applied voltage becomes sufficiently high. Arresters are connected between the electrical device to be protected and a solid Earth ground.

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They also help in removing the older water heated fitted there.” About the Company: - Polar has been fanning the airs of trust and bond with its customers since four decades, with utmost satisfaction. Polar is known for making homes comfortable and a relaxing place to dwell in. When you are looking for your home appliances online, you can come to Polar for the best range of household products.UNIT This makes the customers satisfied which in turn make us happy,” says a earthing rod length representative of the brand. The water heaters available here come with a leakage warranty period. ‘Shopping with Polar is easy. It makes sure that all the works are done in the right manner, by the authorized professionals of this home appliance hub. It takes care of every aspect of installation and servicing, leaving the customers worry-free. You can get the heater installed by contacting the hub over phone or via email. Along with this, you also get full parts and labour warranty.polar-india. These household appliances also consist of temperature and pressure release valve that opens up at a certain level of temperature and pressure. Electric water heaters with storage tanks are the most common ones. The products are designed for every choice and for every household purpose. This place assures same day or next day installation and servicing. A spokesperson of the home appliance store says, “We are happy to build a strong relationship with the customers and maintain the same with them for years. For more information please visit www. From the gust of cool breeze to the celebrated range of ceiling fans and table fans, created with the advanced technology, Polar spells excellence and perfection in every domestic spectrum. No outside sources are hired for the work. Winter is about to come and a geyser or water heater is a must-have appliance during the cold days. The leakage warranty protects the user from paying extra charges because of some of the water heater malfunctions, within the warranty period. These water heaters can be used everywhere whereas the gas water heaters cannot be used everywhere. It makes life simple and quick with its efficient and reliable household according to your needs and preferences. The storage tank water heaters are available in Polar in different sizes ranging from fifteen gallons to one hundred and twenty gallons. This brand possesses a common household name now and has gained its popularity through its high quality products.polar-india.The experts are quite fast and courteous. Rely on Polar to take care of this. As suggested by the name, these models of water heaters comprise of insulated tank in which the water gets heated up and stored until and unless it is required. Water emerges out from the pipe on the top of the heater.
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